Saturday, April 3, 2010

Move Abroad : It's A Whole Other World Out There!

Retire overseas. That's a viable option for many of us nowadays. With the cost of travel going down and the standard of living in other countries going up, it's a likely possibility that we can live a good life somewhere else. Is this for you? There are a few things to reflect upon. Let's consider Costa Rica as an example of what it's like to retire abroad since it's a prime choice for American retirees.

Central America is an excellent destination if you want to experience expatriate living. These flights are less expensive and frequent for the passengers. It means that you can gain a higher standard of living than your home country in the flight and you will be feel still close to your home. The flying time between Costa Rica and the southern US is not much different than that of the flying time between Florida to New York. Costa Rica provides a close place to retire or cross overseas as well as offers a cheaper way of life with all the comforts of home to the passengers.

Most people retire to other countries because the cost of living is lower. Some Costa Rican properties sell for just 30% as much as in the Southern US. You can retire overseas and live quite comfortably in Costa Rica on a monthly pension of $2500.

Most of the people taste relaxation in their lifetime during the retirement period. Pristine beaches, rolling hills, rainforests, volcanoes, lots of diverse wildlife, and a slower and gentler way of life with a decrease in the crime rate we currently experience are some of the advantages we associate with expatriate living in Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, you can enjoy more comfortable retirement living - especially when compared with a lifetime of crowded cities, crime, graffiti, pollution, and traffic jams. While living in such place, you will also feel at home. There are many expats - boomers, expatriates from Europe, folks who retire early or retire young - just like you who have retired overseas so you can feel at right home.

Costa Rica is a country with modern communications, and a great variety of entertainment options and nightlife, with the best world's brands. It's a golfer's paradise, and an excellent location for fishing. Travel to the various regions of the country is awe-inspiring - full of beauty and the earth's natural wonders.

Costa Rica is popular with tourists (like those from the US, Canada, and Europe), as its economy is going strong. The government of Costa Rica creates a simple process for assisting expatriates from other countries to live here. More and more people - baby boomers, those who want to retire early or retire young - are planning to retire overseas as they are unable to maintain that same lifestyle in their home country. As a matter of fact, a lot of individuals haven't saved a sufficient amount money or are living longer than expected. They are required to deal with inflation (a declining dollar) and not much support from the government. For a lot of individuals the preferred method for maintaining their way of life is to retire abroad. Some individuals, nevertheless, are hesitant to do this as they believe they will experience more of a culture shock than they can handle.

Many baby boomers (and others who simply want to retire early or retire young) are deciding to retire overseas, Costa Rica is a popular choice. Citizens from the U.S., Canada, and Europe who wish to maintain their current lifestyle find that Costa Rica's government makes simple and virtually effortless for expatriates to relocate.

One option that is becoming popular with baby boomer and others who want to retire early or retire young is to retire abroad. Some people worry about culture shock, but if it is something you are considering, Costa Rica is a good option because it is a safe and modern place to live. It has a strong economy, and the Costa Rican government makes it very easy for expatriates to settle there.

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