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Make Vacations And Holidays Easier with Neat Travel Accessories

Whether you travel using air flights, luxury cruises, trains, buses, or rental cars on your vacations and holidays, you are probably curious and want to know what's new and cool in vacation and holiday travel accessories. If you would like to find out about some of the travel accessories that are available to make your trip more comfortable, easier, and safer, here are some great products. These items should be available at any luggage and travel accessories stores.

What are compression bags and can they save a lot of space in your travel luggage?
 If you use space savings plastic compression bags when packing your clothes, you can save up to 80% more space in your luggage. They can be used over and over again for many years of easy packing.

What is a non-slip security wallet and how does it work?
One accessory you should consider buying is the non-slip security travel wallet. It is about the same size as a regular wallet but it has non-slip rubber on one side which will rub against and catch on the inside of your pocket if it accidentally slips out of your pocket, or if someone tries to pick your pocket. Always put your wallet in your front pocket. Under no circumstances should you ever carry your wallet in your back pocket. Professional thieves the world over call it "the sucker pocket".

Here is a great trick! You can change your wallet into a non-slip wallet by putting a couple of wide elastic bands around it. Another solution that will help with the problem of pickpockets is a chain-equipped security wallet which can be attached to your belt.

The secret waist wallet compliments the non-slip travel wallet. It fits under your blouse or shirt, but is still easily accessible. It's not a good idea to lift your blouse or shirt up and open this wallet in public as you never know who is watching, like a would be robber, or pickpocket. It is best to open it discretely where nobody can see you doing it, such as in a public washroom stall.

A leather money belt that has a zippered, concealed pocket on the inner side of it, is a great security travel product. You can hide a key, paper money, or small foldable documents in the secure, zippered pocket. There are stay-up, elastic security socks that have a concealed, zippered pocket on the inside of each one of a pair of these socks. These socks would be extremely difficult for a pickpocket to get at. Another unique accessory is the RFID blocking passport holder. This radio frequency identification holder protects your passport, and other important documents that could be compromised by data-stealing hackers.

A combination and key accessible combo luggage lock makes it possible for the custom's officials to unlock your checked luggage for inspection with a special skeleton key, then lock your luggage up again. You can then dial the combination and you can open your luggage. This can save you a lot of time and money replacing regular locks that custom's agents would normally have to break to gain entry to inspect your luggage. Another real plus with these combo locks is that you do not have any keys to worry about losing or replacing.

You can carry a battery-operated, personal security alarm that emits a loud, shrill sound that can help scare off a mugger or robber. Another product that is less costly and will produce the same effect is a referee's sports whistle, which you can hide under your shirt or blouse, attached to a string, and hung around your neck.

Battery-operated hotel room intruder alarms are excellent hotel room safety devices. One kind of alarm hangs on the room's door knob. Any movement of the door or door knob will set off the alarm. Another one is the doorstop type which you push under the hotel room door's bottom edge. If someone tries to open the door, the alarm will sound.

Women travelers can buy an innovative security purse that has a steel cable sewn in the strap. This will foil a thief who makes an attempt to cut through the strap and run away with their purse. Easy to inflate, easy to carry, the pocket pillow measures approximately 6" x 4" x 1". It inflates to about 19" x 15", and makes a comfortable pillow when you need to rest your head or sleep. Make sure that you protect your eyes when traveling in sunny climates by wearing sunglasses that carry both a UVA as well as a UVB certified protection label.

The handy little book light clamps on to the edge of your book which enables you to read in dim light or total darkness. It also will allow you to read in the dark and not disturb your sleeping travel companion.

If you are backpacking you should consider wearing a steel-mesh equipped backpack. These great backpacks have a security steel mesh sewn into the bottom and sides, the most vulnerable places where a thief could slash it with a knife. When this happens, everything tumbles out, and the thief and his accomplices grab anything of valuable and run away in different directions.

Keep in mind that if you are traveling to certain countries you will probably need adaptor plugs and converters.

One of the largest travel accessory stores, Magellan's, has an award-winning catalogue that has everything for travelers from connector and adaptor plugs to secret security wallets. You can order their complete line of products catalogue online, at Magellans.com

Tilley Endurables, a legendary manufacturer of sun-protective travel clothing and accessories,created the world-famous Tilley Hat. They specialize in making stylish, comfortable, and practical outdoor hats and travel clothing. Most fabrics they use in manufacturing their hats and clothing carry a certified UPF 50 rated label, which is the highest rating for sun protection available. You can get their sun-protective clothing and accessories catalogue by going to their website, at Tilleys.com.

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