Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wonderful Beaches That Provide A Solid Experience

Vacations are one of those small little things in life everyone enjoys. Usually, it means spending time with friends or family while watching the waves drift gently into the shore. The sound of the waves, sea, and nearby birds is enough to calm anyone. We are going to help you to track down and locate some of the prime beaches across the globe where it is just you and the ocean. This guide will help you to maximize your vacation, giving you the best beach time possible.

Costa Blanca in Spain is a long stretch of coast in the southeastern part of the country. When we say long, we mean a coastline that covers 42 towns and villages long.

You can imagine that with a coastline as long as this, you are guaranteed to find a spot that you can call your own. The best place to fly in is the main city on the coastline, Alicante, which has an international airport.

Another amazing location worth checking out is El Nido, located in the Philippines. The area here is beautiful - containing perfect waters and snow white sand. El Nido also contains the infamous Tubbataha Reef, a coral reef that was recently nominated in the new seven world wonders. This reef was also declared a UNESCO Heritage Site.

You cannot fly directly to El Nido, meaning you will have to come from Manila. The good thing about this is it puts off a lot of people, meaning that the area is less crowded and far less spoiled.

Surprisingly, St. John in the US Virgin Islands is not as visited as compared to the other beaches in the Caribbean. Because of this, you can definitely enjoy the warmth sun without the madding party crowd that stays up 24 hours a day. Cruises are also available going to St. John and other beaches in the Caribbean.

All of these beaches are amazing options to visit for your vacation. Unlike many other locations, these beaches haven't been consumed by party animals or commercialism, and are excellent choices if you're looking for a relaxing experience. Whichever you choose, you're bound to have a wonderful time.

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