Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finding the Best of Everything Mexican in Your Puerto Vallarta Vacation

Puerto Vallarta is fast finding its way on lists of great tourist destinations. Nearly every Mexico tour guide has something to say about it. Whats in Puerto Vallarta thats worth dropping everything for? After filming The Night Of The Iguana in 1964, the world began discovering the wonder that is Puerto Vallarta. Aside from the films success, it was also the scandalous affair of the films male lead, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, who tagged along, that brought a bigger spotlight on Puerto Vallarta. From then onward however, it was really the places natural charm and allure that brought on endless streams of tourists.

If you want a taste of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is the best option for you. Although the place is not as popular as Acapulco yet, you will find that there is even more to love and enjoy here. Puerto Vallarta is less commercially exploited than other vacation spots in Mexico. Hence, you can always expect a genuine cultural experience.

You can stroll down the Malecon. You might also want to go shopping for trinkets and keepsakes in the local flea market. Either way, both seemingly simple activities can give you your first taste of Mexican flavored art. Puerto Vallarta excels in both silverworks and ceramics so these are among the top product types to watch out for. More expensive pieces are made and sold by seasoned artists and may be made of bronze or a variety of other materials. For deeper art appreciation, drop by Galeria Uno or Galeria Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta is also a lot like other tourist destinations but with a twist. If the art scene is not your cup of tea, there are always a couple of shops, restaurants and clubs to visit. The best part is that these establishments offer both modern conveniences without compromising local vibrancy and warmth.

Vacationing in Puerto Vallarta can also mean deliciously sluggish days on the beach. Lie back on the less congested, unspoiled sands of Caletas or Yalepa. Although the trip to these beach paradises may take long, the journey is all worth it. If you have got more than drowning under the sunlight in mind, take a dip into clear waters or under it on a boating, snorkeling or diving trip.

There is also a lot in store for the educationally inclined. What sets Puerto Vallarta apart from other locations is that it still has a rich showcase of natural flora and fauna. The place is after all at the foot of the Sierra Madre, the top spot for genuine wildlife watching. For safer trips though, you might want to take guided tours of the Bay of Banderas itself. Its waters are teeming with marine life while its surrounding area is a rich rainforest. You can also alternatively drop by the Marietas Islands nature reserve.

A Puerto Vallarta vacation is much like enjoying a paradise of sorts. Its not just about the beaches and the tourist spots that make a visit worthwhile. The whole experience of being in the thick of Mexican culture can leave you animated with life.

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