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Home Schooled Children Need Camp

Children that are Home Schooled can benefit greatly from the summer camping experience. Despite, age, gender,grade level or religious background. Home School Summer Camps provide a special area where children can be independent, and that's a key part of growing up. Camp counselors model perseverance, listening, teamwork and appreciation of differences. Helping children see successful behavior and away from the family. This in turn brings new found independence in line with your at-home teachings. After all as parents we understand somethings just can't be taught by us.

How do you know you are picking the right camp for your homeschooler? I suggest you first look for a small camp, that can give your child individual attention. Often Home Schooled children get lost in the crowd. When picking a camp do your work in advance this will help ensure that your child has an enjoyable summer.

Summer Camp Benefits For Children Residential (overnight) camp offers home schooled children a wonderful opportunity to socialize with other children in a new and exciting environment. Often long-lasting friendships are forged at summer camps each year. Campers often return year after year making camp their summer home. Some continue on till they are past camper age and participate in a Counselor in Training program for teens or even become counselors passing on the traditions of summer camp.

Jeff Lorenz Director of Swift Nature Camp a Children's Summer Camp in Wisconsin says "Summer Camp provides children the chance to be independent and assume leadership roles. Without parents or siblings around campers often show their responsibility thus improving self-confidence when they return back home".

Trying new things is what summer camp is all about. Traditional camps have many activities providing opportunities to try new things and discover new skills. From canoeing and Arts & Crafts to Swimming, Hiking and Horseback riding the list of activities available at different camps is endless. So try to pick a camp that has activities your child has done before as well as new activities to try.

When choosing the right summer camp Look for a program that fits your child's comfort level. If the child has never been away from home and is seven and under a day camp program may be more suitable. If your child is used to overnight sa sleepaway camp may be a better fit. Usually overnight camps start at around age 8. But do not be afraid to challenge your child by giving him or her new opportunities. As parents of a homeschooler we know our kids are a bit more attached to us than other kids. Yet we know sour goal is to get them ready to head out on their own. Summer camp is a great place to practice.

There is comfort in the familiar so a traditional summer camp that provides opportunities in many different activity areas is a good choice. This gives a child comfort in some areas while giving them other activities that will challenge them to leave their zone of comfort.

If possible find a summer camp that has a First timer camp. This is usually only for kids that have not been at camp before so it sets a level playing field for all campers. These programs tend to be shorter as well perfect for the younger children helping to lessening a child's fears and make sure a camp is the right one.

Past campers are vital in determining if a camp is a good fit for your child. Don't be afraid to ask these references about their experiences and feelings. Older campers are usually eager, to share about the role summer camp has played in their lives.

Camp accreditation is a vital step in choosing a camp. Most States have a camping regulations, which hold camps accountable. But the American Camp Association is the best source to ensure camp quality. So be sure the camps you are looking at are (ACA) approved.

Probably the most important part in selecting a summer camp is to chat with the Camp Directors. Discuss your concerns and your feelings with the camp owners. They should be able to help you feel comfortable in your decisions, if not , it's the wrong camp for YOU and your child!

For more information on Finding a Summer Camp see SummerCampAdvice, A free resource that gives parents helpful information on finding that perfect summer camp for their child.
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