Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Western Cape Accommodation : Relaxation, Class And Lots To View And Do At A Great Price

It's not without good reason that the Western Cape region of South Africa is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world. There's an unbelievable amount to do and to see in this area. You really need a couple of weeks to do justice to all this region has to offer. Western Cape accommodation can be found in all shapes and sizes, from the basic but functional to luxury establishments catering to the elite of the world.

Cape Town, also called the Mother City, of course lies in this area. Survey after survey finds that this city is now among the top ten favorite world cities for most world travelers. With Table Mountain as a backdrop and the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean never far away, Cape Town has a location that can not be rivaled by many other cities. Add an atmospheric waterfront with numerous seafood restaurants, enchanting historical sites and numerous wine farms where you can taste top quality wines and you have a combination that is hard to beat.

Outside Cape Town there are a number of small towns, each with a very special character. From the student town of Stellenbosch to the French colonial town of Franschoek, from the Boland winelands to the beaches of Hermanus - all deserve your time and all will provide you with an enjoyable few days of sightseeing.

The region is well equipped to cater to the needs of the hordes of holidaymakers arriving during the summer holidays every year. There are a number of five star hotels that can compete with the best in the world. Especially in the V&A Waterfront area you will find some of the world's best hotels.

The majority of tourists will be looking for mid-range accommodation and the Western Cape is well provided for in this respect. A quick Google search will without doubt present you with a very long list of accommodation establishments in this category. Prices are reasonable and standards are generally high.

If you would like to stay in a place with a slightly more personal atmosphere, try a guest house or bed-and-breakfast. The Western Cape has an abundance of these. In the more upmarket establishments you will find everything that even a boutique hotel normally offers, while the small and informal bed-and-breakfasts offer a cozy and comfortable stay with a highly personal touch.

Then there are the many hostels that have sprung up all over South Africa during the past two decades. They offer a perfectly acceptable place to stay at very competitive prices. Many budget travelers swear that this is the only way to travel and to meet fellow travelers from around the world.

If you are traveling with your family and you have your own or a rental car at your disposal during a trip to the Western Cape, a self-catering unit is a viable and affordable option. Staying in one of these is very often the best way to experience the great outdoors since they are often located in beautiful locations outside the major towns. In the end it doesn't really matter which type of Western Cape accommodation you choose, you are going to have an incredible time anyway.

Western Cape accommodation comes in all price ranges and with all available creature comforts. We have got the best inside information on super inexpensive accommodation in Western Cape.

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Clifton, a Charlottesville hotel and majeka, are among the hotels I did stay in on our visit to the town. always, it has been a nice experience. for sure, there are many and I think, I should try the rest.

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