Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Summer Camp Meets Needs of First Time Camper

Finally, parents have a summer camp that is directly tailored to the needs of their children, who are going to summer camp for the first time. Jeff and Lonnie Lorenz, directors of Swift Nature Camp, After listening for years to parents and children, have created a program designed to meet the specific needs of all new campers and their parents.

This Nature Summer Camps is a twelve-day First Timer's Program offered at the Swift Nature Camp facilities near Minong, Wisconsin. The program utilizes Swift Camp's highly trained staff at a ratio of two staff members for every cabin of eight new campers. The first time at summer camp will quite possibly be a child's first extended time away from home. The program acknowledges this by making sure that every new camper will find a staff member on hand at all times. First time campers need to feel special, and the first priority of this program is to foster the sense that camp is there for them and exists for their benefit.

Prior to each camper's arrival, the staff studies the informational packet for that person. They learn about each child and gain awareness of specific individual needs. If any camper has medical circumstances or special needs these will discussed by the staff in confidence with the camp nurse. By the time a child arrives at camp, the staff will feel as if they already know that new camper. This preparation is immediately beneficial to the first-time camper from the moment he or she steps off the bus and is warmly and personally greeted.

The first day of camp is Orientation Day it is a special day when all New campers get an in-depth tour of Swift Nature Camp. This includes a visit to the Health Center, the Mail Box, and each activity area. Every activity is introduced with a discussion about the importance of safety and the basic safety information for that activity.

The goal of the staff is to promote a caring, nurturing friendship with the children. The first day campers write a Respect List for all to agree to and sign, and each night will end with a bedtime story. The cabin is the place where community begins. First time campers are gently brought into a sense of connection and community with others who begin on equal footing.

At Discovery Camp,First Time Campers are introduced to Swift Camp's well rounded noncompetitive variety of camp activities. Each morning a cabin's campers are invited to instruction at two activity areas. These activities include Swimming, Canoeing, Nature Center, Arts and Crafts, Archery, and more. The new campers are encouraged to try new and different activities, giving each of them the opportunity to discover and explore what activities he or she might enjoy and eventually excel in. In the afternoon, campers learn how to make their own choices from the activity board, making their own decisions about which activity to pursue that day.

Our goal at Swift Nature Camp is to encourage each child to learn independence in a safe, age appropriate environment. Often patrents ask: "why 12 days?" We have found it to be the optimum time for a first time camper to leave homesickness behind and gain a comfortable sense of autonomy. Their has to be enough time passing that campers can not just count the days till their parents return. Probably, the greatest lesson camp teaches is that one can leave home and return . To which very few things will have changed.

Safety is the key word at Swift Nature Camp and Jeff & Lonnie think it's important that parents know that their children are in a safe, nurturing and secure environment. Parents are encourage to call daily and check in to see how their child is doing, or even stop by for a visit.

Parents who would like to find out if this is the right first-time summer camp experience for their child are encouraged to speak with other parents who have had their children attend Swift Nature Camp. A list of references is readily available for that purpose. Discovery Camp, a special program for the first time summer camp experience, is finally available to suit the needs of campers and parents alike!

Need more information? Fell free to visit www.summercampadvice.com a FREE reference on How to selecting a Summer Camp. Swift Nature Camp is a Kids Summer Camp for boys and girls ages 6-15. They blend a traditional Camp activities with an appreciation for Nature and Science. I think the programs is perfect as a First Time Camp or as an Teen Adventure Camp .

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