Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Wedding Cake

Nearly every family or social occasion includes the consumption of food and the drinking or drinks in the celebration. Consider Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. In this article, I would like to talk about that centre piece of the wedding reception: the wedding cake. The guests come to eat, drink and be merry and the bride's parents always put a great deal of work into the preparation for the wedding reception. The wedding cake is the focal point of the top table and the whole reception in general. The wedding cake has traditional importance and it is usually considered bad luck not to have a slice of the wedding cake.

There are specific rules for the timing of the cutting of the wedding cake that have become part of tradition. For example, if the wedding reception takes place at lunch or dinner, it is traditional to cut the wedding cake just before the sweet is served.

However, if the reception is to take place in the late afternoon or early evening, the cake is served as soon as the guests arrive. In some traditions the bride and groom cut and eat the first slice together as a symbol of their vows to love, honour and obey each other. The rest of the cake is generally cut by one of the helpers, like the maid of honour or a family relative.

It can be quite hard to choose the wedding cake. Traditionally, people opt for a white cake with white icing for weddings, however nowadays, people are becoming more adventurous and are picking more exotic flavours and colours.

Some people choose to have a wedding cake which has different flavours on each tier. While white icing is still the overwhelming favourite, people do order other colours like pink and yellow. Chocolate and mocha are also popular. These days you can have what you like. It is your day, after all.

Everyone enjoys the wedding reception. It is the most well-liked part of the wedding day and everyone looks forward to seeing the cake cut and sharing it with the bride and groom.

If you are considering becoming a cake decorator, you have a few choices to go about it. You could buy a book or a course or get a video in order to teach yourself how to decorate cakes from the plain to the ornate. You could also go to a night school class to learn the art or cake decoration.

Without a doubt, the very best way to learn cake decorating is to take a course. DVD's, videos, and books are all well and good, but you cannot talk to them or ask questions. If you take a class for three months or more you will learn more and get a deeper understanding of the art of cake decoration. You will learn how to put real feeling into the decoration of the cake and you will be able to translate the wedding couple's dreams into a cake that you and they can be proud of.

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