Friday, March 12, 2010

Some Of The Most Intruiging Zoo Species To Enjoy

Since I was a small child, I have been a great lover of animals. This love came about from the many visits to the zoo in my home town of San Diego. I never got bored of exploring the zoo, feeling like I was on a safari such was the variety of interesting animals on display. My interest in all animals grows forever stringer as I get older. As I'm now an adult, I find a visit to the zoo to be a learning experience too. Of course I still enjoy the thrill of watching the animals going about their business ignoring us gaping at them; and there some that I enjoy more.

One of the most entertaining areas to visit in a zoo is the Dolphins. A lot of people are under the misconception that these clever creatures are fish, when in fact they are mammals. They are of a very sweet disposition and love human contact.

A trip to the primates is next. Chimps, Baboons, Orangutans, they all fascinate me. Their close resemblance to ourselves is quite remarkable, these rank right up there with the Dolphins. You would think that these guys were actors with a script as they never fail to perform for their audience. Their actions and expressions make them natural comedians and you never fail to leave with a smile on your face.

Last, but definitely not least, are those giants of the animal world known to you and me as Elephants. Their sheer size belies their sweetness and intelligence. The Elephants are definitely a must see if you go to a zoo that has them amongst their exhibits. I could sit and be enthralled by them for many an hour.

These are my top three animals to visit on your next trip to a zoo. Try and make a point of visiting them, for sheer entertainment value, they can't be beaten.
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