Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gay Holidays For Singles And Thailand

Thailand the land of smiles is, at once, a rich cultural experience as well as a gay travel Mecca. With 90% of its population following the Buddhist philosophy, homosexuality is widely accepted without protest or judgment. Though an anything-goes policy is in order once the bedroom doors have been closed, visitors should inform themselves on the otherwise modest customs and traditions of this country's fascinating people. Since some of these can be quite unique and unusual to the westerner, it is advised that one do a bit of research on the topic of gay vacations

Visit Thailand to open your eyes to a truly unique and beautiful culture, without giving up any of the fun and excitement you may associate with more traditional vacation destinations. From the northern mountains, to the glorious southern beaches, Thailand is a natural gem, a real life diamond in the rough, just waiting to be discovered. Whether your pleasure is history, culture, ecotourism, or simply relaxation and indulgence, you will find what you are seeking in the country of the Thai.

A visit to Thailand can be as relaxed or as active as the traveler chooses it to be. Most gay tours are geared toward the ever popular nightlife scene. Go-go clubs, boy bars and sexy discos have been popping up at an increasing rate over the past few years in larger cities such as Bangkok, Chiangmai and Phuket, making these the ultimate destinations for the sexually adventurous traveler. On the other hand, gay vacations to quieter and more traditional regions like Koh Samui offer visitors a peek into the true, laid-back Thai island experience. Here, the crystal clear waters and magnificent rock formations are the main day-time attractions. But don't be fooled; the nightlife, though less common than in the larger cities, is still widely available and not to be missed.

There are plenty of nightclubs in Bangkok to satisfy even the most metro of the homosexual travelers. Particular delights are the go-go boy bars that keep the music going into the early hours of the morning. It is happening in Bangkok and a great gay trips destination.

Treat yourself to a traditional Thai massage. You can get a full two hour massage treatment for a mere fraction of the cost in any major Western country. Treat yourself; indulge in the relaxation of a massage that includes a steam bath and exotic blend of aromatic Thai oils.

There is more to Thailand than Bangkok. You will not have experienced the full breadth and depth of the country if you do not venture out of the epicenter that is Bangkok. Step into the country to visit traditional temples, meet endearing natives, and experience the gorgeous natural landscape that is Thailand.

Make certain to visit the ancient capital city, Ayuttaya. It is known as the Bridge over the River Kwai, and is a must see destination for visitors. Take self organized or structured gay tours to the northern mountains, or pack your swimsuit and visit the exotic beaches of Thailand. Who knows, you may never want to leave.

One thing you should always pack on gay tours in Thailand is an open mind. You have to come into this eastern country willing to experience life to its fullest and try new things. Do not be put off by squat toilets or smelly fruit. In fact, one of the best fruits in the world is the durian, which may put you off at first by its unique odor.

If you let that stop you, you would truly be missing out on a culinary delight. When in Thailand you should eat local cuisine and shop for exotic local clothing, and participate in local entertainment experiences. You only live once, and truly living in Thailand is an easy thing to do. Pack your bags now.
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