Sunday, March 7, 2010

Caravan Insurance; Why Is It An Important Consideration?

A man called Chester Cooke was once very excited about an idea he had. He wanted to buy a caravan on the banks of the river Avon on a well-kept, professionally owned and run caravan site with plenty of amenities. However, not being the sort of chap that would buy something like a caravan on impulse, he looked into everything that could possibly go wrong, all the hidden costs and anything that could potentially cost him over and above what he was willing to pay. He phoned his broker and asked about caravan insurance who told him that there shouldn't be any problem and the broker would be delighted to give Chester a quote. Chester gave the broker details about the type, value and size of the caravan and where it would be situated.

It was only a few minutes before the broker called him back and said that he unfortunately could not find him any caravan insurance. The reason was that although the caravan site itself was fine, it was the particular spot that Chester wanted that was the problem. It was next to the river Avon, right at the water's edge, and last year it had flooded which caused lots of insurance claims, meaning that now, insurers are unwilling to offer any insurance to caravans places right on the water's edge. If he was going to buy the caravan, it was going to be entirely at his own risk.

This news meant that Chester would have to re-think his ideas about buying a caravan. Since it was highly likely that the Avon would flood again at some point, he couldn't afford to risk placing it there without insurance. He asked his broker what the "normal criteria" of a caravan site was so that he could bare it in mind if he was still going to go ahead and buy his caravan.

A registered CaSSOA site is ideal for caravan insurance providers. The reason for this is that these sites have security standards. Another thing to look for in a caravan site is a secure boundary like a fence or a tall, thick bush running around the boundaries of the site. If the caravan is to be placed in a less formal location, such as a farm, then the caravan should have its own compound and it own defined perimeter. Some insurance providers insist that a caravan site must have a certain number of caravans placed there before they will insure any, safety in numbers as it were.

Chester hadn't really though that the insurance would play such an important part in the buying of his caravan. He was just appreciative of his knowledgeable broker who could steer him in the right direction, after all, he just wanted to enjoy his caravan and the insurance was just to take to worry out of owning one.

Caravan insurance is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when thinking about purchasing a caravan. Coversure are a leading provider of caravan insurance and can offer you advice, or a quote to insure your caravan
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