Friday, February 12, 2010

What Do You Get For Your Car Insurance Dollar?

No matter how you pay for car insurance, it is likely that you feel you may be paying too much. While you may be able to shop around and save money on car insurance, do not make the mistake of not paying for this required insurance. Doing so can cost you peace of mind. Here is where some of the insurance dollars go.

In the first place, by having liability insurance on your car, you are meeting the financial responsibility laws of your state. These financial responsibility laws vary vastly by the amount and types of coverage that are required, but all states require that all drivers be covered with personal injury and property damage insurance on their car. Let this coverage lapse for even a day and some states will cancel your registration or driver's license until you prove that you have insurance coverage in place and pay an administrative fee or fine.

Driving without car insurance, however, can cost you much more than just a fine. If you are in an accident, you can be held financially responsible for the other person's vehicle and medical expenses. In addition, you will likely be ticketed for driving without insurance. These expenses can far outweigh anything you might pay in insurance fees.

You may find yourself in the place where you must pay to have your own vehicle repaired. Without a vehicle you will find it difficult to get to work or take care of other errands for your family. If you have to rent a vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired or until you can afford a replacement vehicle, then the costs can add up very quickly.

In addition, the comprehensive coverage on your vehicle covers it in the event of vehicle theft, vandalism or if windows are broken and need to be replaced. In many areas car theft is far more common than we would like to think. If your car is stolen, it is not usually recovered without some damage. Many stolen vehicles are eventually wrecked and then abandoned. Others are stripped and sold for parts.

Persons that drive newer vehicles often find that their finance company requires that they carry insurance on the vehicle. The coverage needed is full coverage insurance and there may be a limit to the maximum amount of deductible on the insurance you are carrying on your vehicle. If you do not have insurance, the finance company can take out an insurance policy on your vehicle, but the price you pay for this insurance is very high when compared to the price you would pay for your own insurance. In addition, it does not meet any state's financial responsibility laws.

The best way to find the cheapest car insurance is to comparison shop by asking for quotes for insurance on line. Many companies offer free quotes just for asking. Get several of the quotes and find the best price for your situation. While you can get quotes without giving personal information, you will get the most accurate quotes by giving all the requested information. Compare each quote to find the best price.

When you think about it, the price you pay for peace of mind is not all that much.

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