Monday, March 15, 2010

Big Bear Lake: More Than Meets The Eye

Big Bear Lake, California is a quaint valley township in the majestic San Bernardino mountains. There are many smaller cities on the way up the mountain such as Crestline, Angelus Oaks, Running Springs, Arrow Bear and even the beautiful private lake town named Lake Arrowhead. Around the lake are many different sub-cities. These are named Boulder Bay, Big Bear Lake, Moonridge, Big Bear City, Sugarloaf, Erwin Lake, Lake Williams, Baldwin Lake and Fawnskin.

Boulder Bay is a small semi-private cove with a few higher end homes. Big Bear Lake is where both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit ski resorts are located as well as most of the Bear Valley shopping areas and the famous Big Bear Lake Village. Moonridge is a more secluded and hilly area adjacent to the lake that stretches higher up into the mountain.

Big Bear City is a well-populated area east of the lake that is more trafficked by locals than tourists. Sugarloaf is a quaint area with more affordable homes and cabins; it is also where the high school is located. Erwin Lake is a densely forested community at the east edge of town. Lake Williams and Baldwin Lake are rural areas with very few trees and many horse properties. And Fawnskin is a small town on the north side of the lake. It even has its own old-fashioned main street.

There is actually a lot you could miss if you simply stick to big Bear Lake's main attractions and thoroughfares. Even as a full-time home, Big Bear Lake has a lot to offer as a community with many activities and hot spots.

Next time you're in Big Bear Lake, turn down a residential street and enjoy a tour of homes that are available. Big Bear can be your own private retreat where you can spend quiet time learning about its history and all that it has to offer.

Sure, most people come to Big Bear Lake for the slopes and the lake, but you may be surprised what other attractions you may enjoy up here in the mountains. Stop by anytime and open your eyes to the beautiful sights and you lungs to the fresh clean mountain air in Southern California's Big Bear Lake.
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