Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Great Art Work Of Eddie Young

The Brilliant veteran designer Eddie Young from Long Beach USA, has created many breath taking pieces over the years and has done nothing but leave the audience in awe time and time again, never failing to give the people something wonderful to look at.

Most freelance careers do not last so long these days, especially in this day and age, but as they say, the best always find a way in which to survive, and Eddie Young has done just that. Young is still working as a freelancer and is nothing short of a success, and has grown increasingly popular in the television industry over the years.

Young has a long list off clients of his working career as a free lancer, working alongside some of the biggest companies within the creative industry. Young has completed works for the likes of Warner Brothers, Disney, Hanna Barbera and much much more. One can only imagine the busy lifestyle he must be leading.

The imagination of an artist surely does have no limit and Young expresses this fact in each one of his works, showing the world that there is nothing that the mind cannot create if one is prepare to dedicate him/herself to doing what she loves most. Working in a forever changing industry many time Eddie had to change his approach to working with clients this even involved the huge step into the digital art age, which Young has performed very successful in thus far.

Being the creative genius that he is Eddie has grown very fond of cartoonish characters, always keeping his artwork with a simple appeal and the characters he creates always seem to have a cheerful and chirpy personality about them. Many would believe this is the personality and character of Eddie Young expressing himself through his art.

Eddie has always loved the Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, and they were his inspiration in his decision to want to make a career in creative design, and coincidently enough, it is these same characters that have given his career the push it needed to get to where he is today.

Make sure you take a peek at the work of Eddie young, as I can be sure that It is something that you will deem very pleasing to the eye, may even lighten your mood if you have had a rough day.

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