Saturday, May 2, 2009

Uniqe Weapons :

Each tribe has unique weapons, such as Indonesia with his Keris, Japanese with his Samurai, Aboriginal with his Boomerang with, etc. Those weapon has been providing distinctive characteristics thus a strong formed when remember it. Usually owned by the honorable family at the time, used specifically for the war and as a souvenir for the guests who respected.

Although the process is the same such as other weapons, for specific types of weapons, need to be special methods that produced the weapons that have powerful "energy". Although it is not reasonable, but the results look real, like Samurai Katana, Keris Naga Sasra, Golok Ciomas, etc.
The strength of its "energy", adjusted to the conditions that will be faced and people who will have his. Because there is a responsibility that should be held when the weapons have been given on the official owner with treat it and use them correctly accordance with the agreement that has been previously agreed. When the owner dies, usually inherited directly to the offspring that have been selected.
In situations like this, internal conflict usually occurs because of dissatisfaction and less understand the rules that have been previously.
Moreover, if "energy" very powerfull. Not only family, other people also very want to have its.
has you have it one...???

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nice article..,remainded about history

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Great info,very unique.

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