Friday, February 5, 2010

The Artwork of Lael Henderson

Lael Henderson the flashy designer from none other than California has decided to grace the web with his amazing talents, leaving the world in awe and wanting so much more. Lael currently no resides in the highly mountains of Utah where has continued to progress though the world of the creative industry, not stopping at anything that may stand in his way.

Graduating from BYU in the year of 1993, Lael was able to get BFA qualification, giving him a great and early footstep when he began to make a working and successful career in designing for various clients as a freelancer.

Every artist must start somewhere and always start of with a particular artistic style, but over the course of time each and every artist must change and adapt their styles to fit with the current times especially as a designer. It has been 10 years in the making but Lael Henderson was able to move over from traditional art forms to join the age of digital media, where over the years he has created pieces that are each unique in their own right.

The majority of Laels career has consisted of him doing artwork for children's novels, or general children's illustrations. Seeing as he has a great expertise in this area of design there is no wonder as to why over time he has grown to be one of the very best illustrators in the industry today.

The style Lael uses in his work is always well versatile and you can never know what to expect next in his next piece of art. It could be something dark and gloomy or something bright and joyful. The details of his work tend to change with each and every project, the quality of being unpredictable is every great artist's greatest asset, and no artist wants the public to grow tired of repetitive and uncreative work.

A great piece of work by Lael is the Keeping That Goal To Exercise. The emotion expressed by the characters within the image are spot on, and you can really feeling the mood of the painting when you look at it, makes you feel as though you are actually there.

Make sure that you give Lael a sneak peek before you switch off your computer today, there is no way you will be disappointed in what you find.

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