Monday, August 13, 2012

The Antique Window Adds Style To Today's Vintage Home

Architectural windows, those being reclaimed from houses and buildings of yesteryear, are available for today's homeowners to use in both modern and period homes. salvage windows offer a distinctive look that is unobtainable with contemporary window styles, and they allow homeowners to keep their vintage homes looking historically accurate. Newer homes may also be made to look period with the addition of architectural windows as well.

If you have a vintage home that needs to be remodeled or otherwise refurbished, you may want to start by looking at the wide variety of window salvage available from architectural salvage merchants. Because it is very difficult to reshape the antique window once it has been constructed, often the homeowners will want to have the windows prior to remodeling construction, in order to ensure that all will fit together properly at the end of the project. The exterior may have to be built around the salvage windows in order for them to work, but it is well worth the effort for the stunning effect they provide to every room in the historic home.

Another style consideration is the number of architectural windows you will need for each room in the home. Many older homes suffer from a lack of natural daylight being able to get into the center of the home, and this is due in large part to not having enough windows in place, or windows that are too small. You will want to consider this as you work on your vintage home. Having a bright, light-filled home is crucial to the enjoyment of all the living spaces within the home, and so making changes to the numbers and types of salvage windows used in a reconstruction or remodel is a critical component of the finished style of the home.

Other window salvage that you will need for the antique window will include hinges and latches. These can add to the visual interest of the window and the vintage home, not to mention the functionality of the antique window itself, so you will want to invest in quality hardware for your antique window.

Other neighboring buildings adjacent to the period home will also benefit from the use of classic windows. Guest houses and garages will visually tie into the home more easily when these antique fixtures are used here as well.

Online architectural salvage establishments will have a selection of period windows for your perusal. You can explain what you want, and they will help you find the antique window that you need for maintaining and creating the style that you desire in your vintage home.
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AC Silver Blog said...

I simply love all the salvage establishments, living not far from one I often have a look at all the antique pieces they have. The only side is i dont own a vintage home :(

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