Sunday, August 12, 2012

Antique Bookcases

Antique bookcases are classic and timeless pieces of furniture that add class, glamor and taste to any room. Antique collectors will go to great lengths and pay exorbitant amounts of money go get their hands on different antiques.

These bookcases represent a past time era mainly the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian era and are desirable because of their age, unique design, rarity, beauty and personal attachment. These bookcases can be bought online, from antique dealers, interior design outlets or from auctions. You will find these them displayed in museums, libraries, offices, schools, colleges and homes where books are essential.

Antique bookcases are made from the best woods, usually mahogany, walnut or oak and come in a variety of styles and sizes ranging from traditional to contemporary designs. The revolving bookcase and the narrow Georgian style are some of the most common styles. They are usually decorated using glass and metal to add to their beauty and functionality. It is possible to restore an old antique bookcase by consulting well trained antique dealers.

Antique bookcases require specialized care. They should not be placed under direct sunlight as this can cause yellowing of the wood. Heat and moisture can also damage them causing shrinkage and expansion, affecting the joinery and finish of the antique. Furniture wax can be used to vanish the antiques and offers protection from dust and moisture. One should follow the recommendations of the manufacturer is taking care of antiques and other antiques.

Antique bookcases are usually very highly priced, ranging from hundreds to even thousands of dollars, but are worth every cent that you will for them. They can be used and passed down many generations while retaining their timeless glamor. With proper care, their beauty and grace never fades and their value increases with every passing year.
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