Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Inside Information On The Cheapest Times Of The Year To Travel

During these tough economic times, many people have had find ways to cut down on the activities that give them the greatest pleasure. For many people, traveling is one activity that can often seem like a leisure endeavor which is too expensive to pursue. However, the good news is that traveling does not have to be expensive when you have a bit of travel inside information. In recent years, there have been many inside information secrets revealed that have shown that with a little knowledge, anyone can travel and stay within their budget. Knowing the cheapest times of year to travel is one of those little travel secrets.

Traveling during high season is the most expensive time to travel. Travelers will end up paying the highest price for their vacations. Not only are flights more expensive, beaches are more overcrowded, lines for attractions and activities are longer, and tropical destinations are uncomfortably hot. Tickets purchased during the low season, will be the cheapest. The weather will be more temperate, there will be fewer crowds, and hotel and resorts will be much less expensive. This season is referred to as the 'shoulder season.'

The shoulder season is the time of the year that falls at the beginning and end of the high season. During the shoulder season, flights, accommodations, and vacation packages, are greatly discounted. As well, the weather is still beautiful. An important tip to choosing the best time during the shoulder season to travel is to make sure that you pick the time that is closest to the high season. As well, avoid holidays which includes school holidays, and the other 'understandably busy' times to travel. The result will be substantial savings.

There are other important points to remember when selecting a vacation time during the shoulder season. For instance, ski resort destinations will usually open near the end of November, but people do not usually begin to take their ski vacations until the week of Christmas. You will save a lot of money if you take your ski vacation early in November or in mid-December. As well, the slopes will be much less crowded, the waiting period to get a lift will be shorter, and lift passes and equipment rentals will be cheaper. As well, late March or the beginning of April is the best time to save on a ski vacation. If the Mediterranean is your vacation choice, choosing late September or early October will save you money. Whatever destination you choose, make sure you check the weather conditions to make sure you do not vacation during tumultuous weather times such as hurricane season.

Traveling to fun and exciting destinations and exotic hot spots is a popular way to relax and forget about life's stresses for a little while. There are many cheap travel sites online that will help you find a flight and offer great prices during the shoulder and off travel season. By knowing a few of the travel insider tips on the cheapest times to travel, you be able to have a fun and memorable vacation that will not break your budget.

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