Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Look At The Primo Vacations Travel Club

Primo Vacations offers outstanding discounts and opportunities for consumers interested in saving money on their travel costs. For a one-time lifetime payment of $697, members can book cruises, hotel stays, and quality vacations at up to 80% off the current retail prices. This minimal payment entitles members to take advantage of club prices throughout the country and around the world at resorts, condominiums, luxury hotels and cruise lines in all the hottest destinations. Club members receive all the amenities, privileges and service, but without the mark-up the travel industry adds to every vacation. Finally, the luxury vacation of your dreams can become a reality for far less than you ever imagined. Here are five major benefits available only to Primo Vacations Club members.

Member Exclusive Discounts
The club provides outstanding rates for cruises and condominiums in luxury resorts throughout the world. Guests enjoy exclusive accommodations at over 83,000 luxury hotels worldwide, all at as much as 80% off. Condominium rentals are also obtainable at steeply discounted prices, and villas and cottages in exotic destinations provide a serene starting point for exploring the numerous attractions available at these scenic locations. Primo Vacations is committed to providing the best value within the industry to its people; a low one-time payment is all that's required to begin enjoying the most exciting vacation opportunities anywhere.

Individualized Travel Support
Friendly and courteous staff members are always obtainable to assist people take advantage of the numerous discounts and holiday opportunities obtainable through the service. This ensures that all aspects of the vacation run smoothly and that the arrangements meet or exceed the member's expectations. The club's exclusive Concierge Desk service is designed to walk members through the vacation planning procedure; it's like having a individual travel advisor to assist plan the entire trip. If any problems arise during the vacation, simply contact the club and helpful, efficient staff will work to resolve the difficulties promptly and towards the member's complete satisfaction.

No Limits Or Black Out Dates
Other clubs enforce restrictive black-out dates or limit the number of vacations their people can book in a given year. Primo Vacations is various; it offers unlimited access to thousands of resorts, hotels, and cruises with no restrictions on how often their members can travel or how much they can save. By booking travel arrangements via the club, people are assured that they're getting the best possible prices on their hotels, condominiums, or cruise reservations no matter how numerous times they use the service.

Luxury Cruises, Resorts And Hotels
Primo Vacations Club offers exceptional rates on impressive destinations throughout the globe. Members can experience the same luxurious amenities and elegant surroundings enjoyed by the rich and famous, but pay far much less for the privilege. Deluxe accommodations in London, Puerto Vallarta, Rome, and Orlando are just a few from the choices available to members from the club. These aren't stripped-down rooms with minimal services; people receive the exact same V.I.P. treatment and access as the wealthy few. The only difference is the price.

Relax And Be Pampered
Because Primo Vacations provides its people the greatest for much less, luxurious extras like spa visits, massage treatments, and room support need not break the travel budget. The money saved by booking via the club can be used at nightclubs, restaurants, and attractions in some of probably the most spectacular resorts and cities throughout the globe. With savings of up to 80% off the regular prices, guests can treat themselves towards the dream vacation they have always wanted.

After looking at all of these benefits you may be wondering how this would fit in your own plans? The truth is that most people that join this membership will recoup their membership with their first vacation. That means that every travel related activity following that will be potentially deep discounted. So why put off going on that dream vacation? Join right now and get your well deserved discounts on the most sought after cruises and resorts!

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