Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How To Live A Life Without Depression

How To Live A Life Without Depression. Isn't it strange that exercise and depression have been so neglected? It is almost like the Cinderella of any depression treatment regime. It is arguably the best natural depression remedy there is. All the research out there shows very clearly that moving and getting the heart beat up, can actually release the feel good endorphins so the effect is immediate. It may not cure us completely of depression but it is going to have so many benefits that we are bound to improve overall.

Experts now say that the feel good factor after a good walk, workout, gardening session or whatever, can last up to twelve hours. And no side effects, apart from a rather pleasant sense of tiredness which improves the quality of our sleep as well. It sounds too good to be true that this could be the best depression remedy there is.

Let us look at all the benefits. First we get distracted which is great for taking our mind off ourselves and thinking of something else, for a change. That leads in turn to an increase of self control and self esteem. The fact that we are not moping, drinking or smoking and sinking deeper into depression is so important. That is why this is the best natural depression remedy, in my opinion.

Doing something is being active, rather than passive. It can be as little as a ten minute walk around the block or some simple gardening tasks, or just boring housework. Achieving something is important and also the social contacts we make when doing outdoor activities can also help to lift our mood. If we are on antidepressants, it may well be that the side effects are troubling us and could also lead to more lethargy. Then it is very difficult to get enough motivation.

But if we have opted for a herbal remedy for depression, this will make life much easier as the side effects are minor to say the least. The results are similar to those of the anti depressants in that we can experience a real relief of symptoms and we will begin to feel better, more confident and able to face the future. That is why so many depressed people swear by this as the best natural depression remedy there is but everybody has to decide what is best for them. So, there you have it. As I said, exercise will help greatly as the best natural depression remedy but we will need something to restore balance, calm and lift our mood too. I have found the solution which have explained on our partner site. Why not take action and have a look?

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