Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting Organized For A Fun Holiday At The Beach

You booked a one week beach vacation, and you couldn't be happier to get out of town. You're excited to have the time off work and enjoy the freedom, but you've run into a slight problem. You want to stay fashionable and bring your entire wardrobe with you.

Let's get realistic though, is that really a good idea, particularly considering how much the airline will charge for all that weight? Right here are the vital tips and hints on what you are really going to need to look super stylish at the beach.

Pack swimwear proportional to the number of days you would be out for vacation plus one extra. If there are any emergencies, you have the extra one to change into.

Some people, who have done this many times, will just take half that number and simply launder everything so they can reuse it. And don't get too stressed about being seen wearing the same outfit twice because there will be too many people and too much going on for that to be noticed anyway.

Save some room in your bags by using smaller bottles for your shampoo and conditioner. Smaller bottles are available in most supermarkets, just transfer the shampoo and conditioner then leave those ugly, bulky ones behind.

Find out if your hotel will be providing fresh towels daily, most do but it's a good idea to check. If that's the case, pack one huge beach towel that you can use to sunbathe.

Also, you will need three pairs of shoes, one pair of beach shoes, one for at night, and one just in case. You never know, some places organize activities and you wouldn't want to miss out because you didn't have the right footwear.

These are simple yet really useful tips that you can follow if you don't want to pay extra on your excess luggage without sacrificing style and fashion.

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