Friday, February 12, 2010

Unique Wedding Favors

There are many presents that can be used as Wedding Favors, after all the point of Wedding Favors is to show your guests that you are grateful for them coming to your wedding and showing their support for your wedding. Therefore, you should really try to find wedding favors, that your guests will be keen on.

Naturally, the gift that most appeals to your guests, may not be one you would choose for yourself, but you are buying the Wedding Favors for your guests, not yourself. If you think about it, you should be able to come up with something that everyone will like and that you are pleased to give. In order to help you get the task done, we will offer you a few tips below.

Welsh Love spoons are a prevalent souvenir at Welsh and other Celtic weddings. A love spoon was a wooden spoon carved by a love sick man for the woman he cherished. She would then either take or reject the love spoon, although she was not bound by the acceptance of the spoon. Miniature copies are often used as Wedding Favors. They can be carved with dates and names and symbols of love such as a hearts, bells, vines, key holes, anchors and knots.

Wedding Favors can also be suitable to eat. There are a lot of choices available for couples who wish to give their guests some type of edible favour. You can have many items personalized these days. Some firms specialize in personalized presents, which can also be given as Wedding Favors. Some examples of edible, personalized Wedding Favors might be: chocolate bars, mints, biscuits or gourmet chocolates. The box or wrapper could bear your photo or / and your names and the date.

Small wedding cakes are another idea for edible Wedding Favors. Small wedding cakes have a short shelf life so they will have to carry a warning, which will probably be put on the packaging automatically, but it is worth checking.

A half / quarter or small bottle of wine or other drink would also be fairly easy to arrange as wine bottle labels can be bought in any home brew shop.

Picture frames are common wedding favors. You could give a picture frame and follow it up with a photo of the recipient of the frame enjoying your wedding party. This might be expensive and tricky to set up as you will need to keep records of who has been photographed and who has not. It would be terrible to miss someone out, would it not? You will possibly also need a professional photographer or at least a keen amateur.

Wedding Favors can be anything really, but I reckon that they are best if they are useful. We gave very atypical bottle-openers away at our wedding. They had a pattern of a couple getting married, our names and the date. They also had a magnet in them to collect the bottle top as it came off. I have seen dozens of our bottle-openers stuck on our friends' fridges over the years and the wedding was three years ago.

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