Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tips And Tricks For Buying Flower Arrangements Online

Buying flower arrangements online is becoming a great option for sending flowers to someone. Before flower sales become popular on the Internet, you would have to call directory assistance for the town where you wanted to send the flowers, find a flower shop, call during business hours and speak directly to a florist. Now, it's very easy to shop, click and send flowers to anyone, anywhere.

One difficulty in ordering flowers online is the concern of quality. You want your flowers to arrive fresh and gorgeous! Flowers are perishable, delicate, and need to be handled properly. If they are not, it can drastically affect how long they last. It may take a little extra time to make sure you're dealing with a good online company, but it is worth it. These tips should help make it easy.

Make sure you are getting an arrangement with guaranteed same-day delivery. This information will most likely be on the home page in a prominent location, but if not, look for it. Do not assume it is same-day delivery, and do not assume the arrangement you chose is eligible. Be sure. The reason this is so important is because the longer the flowers are in transit, the more they become stressed. Stressed flowers wilt and droop long before flowers that have been properly handled.

Check and see who is going to deliver them. A real florist? The grower? A chain delivery company? What you want to know is if the flowers are being shipped a long distance, and if so, who is handling them. For example, flowers delivered by a chain company have a lot of other types of packages to deal with and may not give a box of flowers extra care. They could be left in the heat, put under a stack of heavy items, or driven around in a hot truck all day. If they are going to be shipped, make sure it is by a company that handles flowers only.

If you see that they advertise FTD or local florist delivery, this is good. All it means is that they are going to hire a florist close to the recipient to make the arrangement and deliver it. Florists are experts in flower care and design so you can be fairly confident your flower arrangement will look great and last a long time.

One thing you should know about online flower ordering is that the picture you see is an approximation of what the arrangement will look like. If you order something really specific, say orange lilies, then it is reasonable to expect that flower. But if you ordered a mixed arrangement, just know that substitutions are common. This is because the florist is working with what is available and what looks best. So do not be alarmed if your arrangement is slightly different.

When the flowers are received, make sure you know what you paid for. Have the recipient send you a photo of the arrangement. If it looks bad, you might be able to use the picture to get your money back. At minimum you will know not to use the company again!

Getting flowers through an online retailer is a easy and affordable way to send flower arrangements, so do not hesitate to try it. Just follow the tips above to find a good company. And once you do, be sure to tell all your friends!

When it comes to buying flowers for your loved one, it might be hard to surprise her on days she is expecting something nice. So, you could get flower arrangements online. You can buy online flower delivery in your local area and surprise your loved one the right way.
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