Sunday, February 7, 2010

Motorcycle Club

The Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club is based out of Bohemia on Long Island, N.Y. MSMC is a 1% Motorcycle Club made up of individuals who share a passion for Riding and a strong Brotherhood with each other. Mortal Skulls MC maintains a well disciplined club structure and function. This club is not for the weekend motorcyclist and prospecting is mandatory!

All members must own and Ride an American made Motorcycle and participate on an equal level in all aspects of club duties. The success of the Mortal Skulls MC has been due in part to the dedication and hard work of all its members and its acceptance into the Long Island Biker community.

The Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club does a Motorcycle run every year in June to help keep the Children of Long Island NY safe and the MC participates in many Charities all over the Long Island and New York area.

Members of the Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club are not Bullies and Thugs They are Men who can handle any problem that may arise they are not Boys looking for a problem !

The Club is a True 1% Motorcycle Club ! 1% does not mean Criminal organization and they are not!

The Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club wears its Colors proudly and takes great pride in what they Stand for!!!

There are many shows and movies that show Motorcycle Clubs in a way that is not what MC's are really about. The Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club is about Brotherhood, Loyalty , Honor and Respect !They are true Brothers who are there for each other and its about what you can do for the MC not what the MC can do for you!!!

If you live in the Long Island NY area and want to attempt to become a part of a true Motorcycle Brotherhood then Contact them at or Check the webpage at MORTALSKULLS.COM

The Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club believe in the seasoned skool ethics of Brotherhood and Honor! They are an diligentpart of the Long Island Community and help to show that shows like Sons of Anarchy are fake !
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