Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Immigration to Australia : Part II

This article is part of Immigration to Australia : Part I read once ok.. Tourist visas Tourist visas are perhaps the most popular visas relating to Australia because the tourist marketplace continues to grow attracting more and a lot more individuals from around the world. Not only does this open up Australia to outside eyes but also compliments the Australian economy and has opened many new and exciting locations of business.

An Australian tourist visa will normally last up to 12 months and allow the recipient to enter the country on numerous occasions but they will be unable to stay for a lot more than three several weeks in any one visit. It's also worth noting you are able to only remain within the country if you have a valid tourist visa or other relevant visa.

Australian functioning holiday visas

Australian functioning holiday visas are also growing in popularity with more people looking to sample life in Australia while working to pay for their adventure. There are numerous restrictions concerning what you are able to and what you cannot do under an Australian working holiday visa but in simple terms you is going to be allowed to travel around the nation for up to 12 months working for numerous employers to cover your costs.

Australian company visa

For all those who have Australian company connections it may be essential to attend various meetings over the years, some thing which has seen the creation of the Australian company visa. The conventional Australian business visa will last for 12 months and permit the recipient to arrive and go as they please even though any 1 remain can't extend past 90 days. For all those with long-term business interests within the country there's the chance to acquire an extended Australian company visa which will mirror the life of their passport.

Australian business sponsored visa

Because of a shortage of workers in Australia many companies have enquired about bringing overseas employees to Australia on short-term contracts which can last among one day and four years. While the authorities are obviously concerned about any potential overlap with the conventional Australian employment market they have given numerous options to employers to bring in overseas workers. The have to fill numerous gaps in the Australian economy and bring in foreign employees where required has never been more essential and is something the authorities are keen to continue with.

General skilled migration visa

The general skilled migration visa is an additional employment option that is basically centred round foreign nationals looking to go to Australia who hold of specific skills and experience which would be useful in the Australian employment market. Due to the ongoing requirement to fill numerous gaps in the marketplace there is the opportunity for a fast-track visa application regardless of whether the applicant is able to prove the need for their specific abilities or hopefully have an employment position available upon entry towards the country.
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