Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Immigrating to Australia : Part I

Immigration to Australia is really a process which more and a lot more people are now looking towards as the nation continues to gain popularity amongst expats around the world. Whilst on the surface the process to obtain visas and also the necessary clearance to reside and perform in Australia might seem complicated and potentially long winded, should you break down each specific procedure into separate stages this will assist you to understand what is required and what you need to do.

So why would you move to Australia?

There are lots of reasons why people go to Australia including the weather, education, employment prospects, family and possibly a new start. Whatever your reason for looking towards a go to Australia there is going to be a visa and an entrance route to suit your needs. However, whether you qualify for that relevant visas or long term residency remains to be seen.

Visas obtainable

Immigration to Australia is split into various various categories which contain tourist visas, employment visa, business visas, student visas and spouse, partner, de facto visas. The first decision you need to make when you decide to go to Australia is which of these visas best suits your scenario. You've to become aware that if you're seeking to perform in Australia, and potentially settle-down long-term, a student visa won't suffice nor will a tourist visa cover your scenario for example.

Company visas are predominately for all those from outside of Australia who have to attend meetings in the nation on a regular basis and spouse, partner and de facto visas are for those who are in a relationship with an Australian citizen, Australian resident or a qualifying New Zealand citizen. More and a lot more individuals are going down the employment visa route which has numerous different permutations.

The Australian population

For those looking to go to Australia the fairly open immigration policy from the past is nevertheless present even though a number of potential weaknesses within the visa process have been addressed. However, if you're looking to go to Australia for that long-term you might be relieved to know that such may be the Australian economy's dependence upon immigration and skilled workers that this is the reason why the populace of Australia has quadrupled because World War I!

You may be forgiven for thinking that now may be the time for the government to cut back on immigration to Australia but it seems the opposite is the case. The population now stands at about 22 million and also the nation has a gross domestic product per capita which is greater than that from the UK, US and France to name but a few. This is a nation that is on the up and up and skilled employees have in no way been a lot more welcomed than today with many areas of the Australian employment market still under catered for by the conventional Australian workforce.

Whilst this will change in due course as and when abilities imported into the nation are transferred to the Australian population it will take some time and it seems as though growth in the economy and numerous sectors will far outstrip the supply of skilled employees for some time to arrive.
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