Thursday, August 9, 2012

Decorate Your Interiors With Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is gaining popularity these days. People prefer investing on antique furniture as the value of antique furniture doesn't decrease with the passage of time whereas the value of modern furniture decreases with the passing time. The value of antique furniture increases with time. Though, there are a number of stores dealing in antique furniture, but there must be some points kept in mind if you want original antique furniture.

Be sure that the furniture you selected is actually antique. Antique is a word that refers to an object which is more than 100 years old. Antique furniture is classified into two types. One is the real antique furniture and other is the antique design inspired furniture. Real antique refers to furniture that is actually antique. Antique design inspired furniture refers to a piece of furniture that has been made by keeping in mind the design of antique furniture.

The identification of real antique furniture is really very easy if you have a slight knowledge of wood. You may know that with the passage of time, wood shrinks. Keeping this in mind, you must know that antique furniture will have an irregular shape. If the furniture is properly aligned and furnished, then it may not be the real antique.

The determination of furniture's value is something important. The value of antique furniture depends upon different things such as the quality of wood used, the life of the furniture and the make of the furniture. A little research over the internet will give you a lot of help in assessing the price of antique furniture. Another thing which increases the value of antique is its condition and its less quantity.Move the furniture and check its durability as it will only give off a good value on sale if it is completely functional.

The experts in antiques field insist on checking the functionality of furniture. Such furniture are available on online markets as well, and the furniture bought online will be delivered at door step but you must take care in purchase online as you will not be able to see the furniture by yourself. To avoid fraud, try to choose a store that is well reputed and make sure that it is licensed.

Antique furniture needs a lot of investment and proper care and maintenance as well. Some tips for maintenance and proper care for the antique furniture are discussed here. Dust is an important factor in damaging the wood of your furniture. If you let dust to remain on the furniture for a while, it is more likely to damage the finish of wood or other surfaces. Depending on the environment, you must dust your furniture and make it the part of your routine.

While dusting, make sure that the cloth you use is a soft one and it does not harm your furniture. Do not use any kind of polish or spray to clean your furniture. Don't even use a cleaning compound which can scratch the surface of wood.
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