Friday, January 7, 2011

Quickly Solds Antiques and Collectors Wanted

Antiques Silver Sauceboat French
Investing in antiques is very profitable if you know the current state of the antiques market. For the short term, with the right choice, the sales gains can be directly obtained. Conducting research and collecting antiques is one popular way of doing business in antiques. Of the many antiques, the following, some of which quickly sold on the antiques market.

Antique Silver
Equipment made of silver, such as spoons, forks, knives, bowls, trays, flower vases, coins, plates, and others. Standardization of an antique silver is silver origin, date of manufacture, maker silver, feature or stamp. Standardization was made sebagain reference to determine the age, quality and prices of antique silver.
The makers of the famous antique silver such as: Tiffany, George Jensen, Rodgers and Sons, Wallace.

Antique Pottery and Porcelain
Identity is formed of Ceramics and Porcelain antique Chinese go round. Antique porcelain from China is very famous for its quality. Rose Medallion, Nest, and Butterfly is a major porcelain pattern with blue and white domination of each porcelain.

Antique Pottery
Antique pottery get the basic color of a mineral found in clay it is made. There are several varieties that include Redware, Yellowware, and crockery. During the mid-19th century American Art Pottery was created in large quantities and are widely collected today.

Antique Clock
There are many types and styles of antique clock. Antique Clock much sought after by collectors for its beauty and functionality.
Some kind of famous antique clock is: Tall case clock (the English name of the grandfather clock), Grandfather Clock (American Tall case clock name in English), Carriage Clock, Bracket Clock, Mantle Clock, Wall Clock, Clock Pocket.
To the author: Seth Thomas, Ansonia, Howard Miller, Junghans, Gilbert, Elgin, Sligh, Rolex.

Antique Metalware and Metal Work
Metalware / work comes in many forms. Everything from the outstanding bronze sculptures to humble tin equipment. Common metals used are copper, tin, brass, iron, and copper.

Antique Furniture
In the antique furniture market there are a large number of styles and types of furniture. Every country has its own trends. Some trends this will spread to the main popular market for antique furniture, English, United States, and Europe.
Here are some of the more popular pieces of antique furniture: Beds, Bookcases, Cabinet, Chair, Desk, Dining Table, Wardrobe dressers, vanities, Sofa / Chaise Lounge, Phonograph / Music Boxe, Non-Player and Player Piano.

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sda said...

thanks you for your information

end of lease cleaning Melbourne said...

I have a wood antique mantel clock that belonged to my parents. The clock now sits in my home. I am trying to find some info about the clock. On the back is a label that reads (I think)
CC Boynton & Co. and there is a date of 1907. As I said I just want to know more about the clock and/or manufacturer
Thank you

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