Tuesday, November 16, 2010

1928 Antique Train Wich Still Operates

Antique Train Maschinenbau NR 9409This is one of the old railway in the world that still operates to this day. Old train liner Maschinenbau NR 9409 made in 1928 with a towing steam locomotives owned by Perum Perhutani at Cepu, Blora Central Java - Indonesia, until now still can operate normally with the use of firewood as fuel.

This ancient Railway formerly functioned as a transport carrier of forest products, particularly timber, by the Dutch colonial government in the region Cepu and Blora, Central Java, Indonesia.
Although he was already stepping 82 years, the entire instrument panel and trains can still operate. Although there are still some lack of perfection and there, but the locomotive is not much different from the modern railway. On average in one year, Perhutani operates an antique steam train is only 2 times a year. However, if there is demand from tourists who want to experience and enjoy the ride with this antique train, the manager will consider it.

Not only attract domestic tourists, foreign tourists were few, lately many are interested in touring with this steam train route through the region Perum Perhutani cultivation of teak trees, ranging from nursery up to the maintenance and utilization of teak trees.

source Image : www.indosiar.com

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