Friday, June 11, 2010

Learning The Importance Of Sleep To All People

Learning The Importance Of Sleep To All People. When we were kids, our mothers would nag us about getting enough sleep all the time. Naps and early bedtimes were a ritual in the life of kids all over the place. But, since we were hard headed and stubborn, many times we would ignore our parents and stay up too late and give up naps for playing. If we only knew then what we experience now, we would have slept a lot more when we were younger.

Sleeping is a natural part of life, and our bodies need quite a bit of it. After being awake all day long, our bodies need rest to recuperate and recharge. The only way we get the rest our bodies need is through sleeping, and it is as important to the body as water and food are. But why?

Here is a little insight into what the effects of sleep and lack of sleep are on the body, as well as the benefits of getting a good night's sleep.

The first thing sleep does is repairs the tissues in our bodies, and strengthens our immune systems. They work best when our bodies are at rest, and the more sleep we get, the stronger our immune systems become.

The next bonus for sleeping good is that it recharges our batteries and gives us a new supply of energy, which we need in order to cope with the daily activities that surround our lives. For those who are active in a lot of fast paced and interpersonal situations like going to school or being involved in community organizations, sleep is essential to keep energy levels where they should be.

For children, the proper rest helps to promote growth and development. Lack of sleep can interfere with strong development and have consequences down the road as they age. It also kick starts their brain cells and improves memory retention and recall. Sleep definitely helps our minds to store and organize the events of the day.

Lack of sleep makes it hard to remember information and concentrate well. Students suffer from this quite often, and sleep is critical for anyone who is about to take a test. Sleep will help making recalling information easier.

Some common symptoms people have when not getting enough sleep include irritability, mood swings and difficulty concentrating. Additionally, people are more prone to getting into accidents, loosing coordination, developing a weak immune system and sluggish thinking.

Sleep slows the aging process, and not getting enough of it will helps us to get old faster. With all these bad things, it should be easy to want to sleep more, but until we do, we can't know how good it will make us feel.

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