Friday, March 5, 2010

SeaWorld, The Orlando Experience That Many Overlook

Orlando is known for many things. Among those things are great vacation spots like Disney World and all the parks that go with Disney, Islands of Adventure and Downtown Disney and all the local restaurants and golfing. In addition to all of these places, you have a park that can sometimes be overlooked. It is SeaWorld.

SeaWorld is an amazing theme park that is one-half entertainment park and one-half informative park. Although there's much knowledge to be gained at SeaWorld, there is even more excitement to be had. With the numerous attractions and show for you to take in, many often find that they will need a second day just to take part in some of the most amazing thrill rides in the area.

The Busch family, owners of Busch Gardens, are also the owners and operators of SeaWorld. Therefore, when it comes to the rides you know that they will be nothing less than spectacular and exciting. The Busch family is known for their thrill rides and they have set up a few outstanding ones at SeaWorld. Besides a cool roller coaster and an even cooler water roller coaster, the animal attractions and exhibits are like none found anywhere else in the world.

SeaWorld is naturally home base to the most notable killer whale on the globe, Shamu and her fellowship. The animals are naturally the primary attractor and SeaWorld spares no expense handling the animals as though they are the stars of of the park, and in fact they are just that. They are substantially attended to and handled as though they are members of the family. The Shamu show and the walrus and seal show are in all probability two of the highlights of any trip to the park. The penguin house and the water ski demonstrate are likewise distinguished attractions.

One of my personal favorite attractions at SeaWorld is the arctic expedition. There are polar bears that live in frigid waters in an exhibit that looks a lot like their native northern habitat. SeaWorld also gives you a glimpse of a rarely seen Narwhal, an animal that most people would never have a chance to see in the wild.

The park is an excellent place to see, particularly for those adolescent oceanographers that may be in the household. It truly is a discovering experience masked as an amusement park. It will make up a day that the entire family will remember for years to come. You are able to buy passes that include both parks, Busch Gardens and SeaWorld for a specialized cost. It is just a short trip from Tampa to Orlando. There are shuttles available in both directions.

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Orlando is now best known as the home of amusement attractions there SeaWorld Orlando is a large park that features numerous zoological displays and marine animals alongside an amusement park with roller coasters and water park.
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