Sunday, February 21, 2010

How To Eat Healthy While Traveling In Barcelona

If you are health conscious but also love traveling, then you are probably used to running into some problems. Barcelona is a bustling city filled with exquisite eateries where you can satisfy your health conscious cravings - on a budget too! One of the best organic vegan friendly restaurants is called Vegetalia. This is a fast in and out type restaurant, but not as greasy as fast food is. There are options that range from tofu to seitan, as well as delicious vegetables of all kinds and fruits too. Fill up for cheap, and head back out! It's one the best vegan eateries in the city, and worth visiting.

If you like sandwiches then Maoz Falafel is a delectable place to fulfill your cravings. This place is open almost all night - until 3 am to be precise. Here you will find a variety of salads and sandwiches, as well as little sides. This place is easily one of the cheapest in Barcelona, but the food is good.

Juicy Jones is a delicious vegan restaurant in Barcelona. This establishment caters to vegans and organic eaters, as well as those that appreciate a high quality wine or beer. Each day special meals are provided that feature a side of soup and bread. There are numerous options to choose from when eating here, so choose wisely. The atmosphere is modern and hip, and has extremely high ratings.

The Biocentre Restaurant Vegetarian is a clean buffet style vegan friendly restaurant. There are a number of delicious dinner entrees available as well. This restaurant offers light and clean eating, as well as a wonderful atmosphere. There are several delectable options, which is important for vegan travelers or health conscious travelers. This restaurant will certainly fulfill your needs in terms of nutrition and dietary requirements.

There are plenty of other vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Barcelona. It is true that the non-healthy and non-vegan establishments outweigh the good, but what is available is truly exceptional. You will never starve if you know where to look and how to get to the restaurants that can cater to your dietary needs. It is extremely important for those with special dietary requirements to avoid eating things that may make them sick. This is why choosing your restaurants wisely is always a good idea.

Out of the 30 something vegan restaurants in Barcelona, only a few are known or worth eating at. Choose wisely but don't be too afraid to look around. Even if you aren't vegan then one of these places will surely have something tasty and healthy for you to enjoy.
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