Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Antique Carpet

Antique carpet is a beautiful piece of furniture and can add a touch of grandeur and glamor home or office. Antique carpets and rugs not only as decorative items but a piece of tradition, ethnic and social level that reflects the degree of cultural traditions of the past century. Motive, harmonious colors and an antique loom fiber makes it one of the amazing antiques with artistic integrity, because it specifically was woven by hand.

Of the various types of existing motive, motive oriental rugs carpet the most demanding because it describes the mystery, legends and stories from his native land. Most producing countries antique carpets and rugs from Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan, and China Caucus. Region famous for its woven antique oriental is Sultanabad, Tabriz, Agra and others.

Here are some types of rugs and antique oriental rugs known:
- Antique Agra carpet
- Amritsar antique carpets
- Bidjar antique carpets
- Antique carpet china
- Antique Kashan carpet
- Antique Kurdish rug
- Antique carpet North India
- Antique Lavar rug
- Antique Sultanabad carpet
- Antique Tabriz rug
- Antique Samarkand rug
- Oushak antique carpets
- North West Antique Persian rug

In order not to be deceived when he would buy it, it is good you are seeking information from trusted sources like the house special gallery dealing with antique carpets and rugs.

The following tips can be useful when you will buy antique carpets and rugs:

  • Scrutinize every piece of antique carpets and rugs, when there are visible defects, do not ever hesitate to ask.
  • You should also try and understand the origin and age of the carpet so that your insight about the quality of carpet increased.
  • You also have to see if the edge of the border and end all in the antique carpet you intend to buy as the end and borders are sometimes lost through the use of or deliberately cut! Remember determine the value limit your carpet!
  • Ask also about how to treat them, because there are some carpets and antique rugs require special care.
  • Purchase of official and reliable dealer.
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