Saturday, May 1, 2010

Irelands Proof Towards Climate Friendly Behavior

Simple things in life mostly results in fascinating changes in our lives and we have often seen this happening. Balancing an equation by fulfilling up the gaps with positive or negative sides of values and this is not considered faulty due to its eventual success in getting the best results at the end. We also find that the climatic conditions of a place will balance itself if we allow it to do so. Earth functions in the most effective manner by relating situations needing cloudy and rainy due to heavy heat waves and balancing the effects well.

The connecting link in the coastal lines of Ireland is the Gulf Stream and this is the main reason why the land is cooler than the rest of the parts of the world. The balancing of the climatic equation is quite fascinating in the Ireland scenario as they bring in cool air from the Gulf to counter almost parts of the region in an equal proportion. This connection is one of the best cooling systems available in Ireland. Soothing climatic conditions and breezy weather makes Ireland the most peaceful and relaxing region in the world.

The climate in Ireland is very similar to climate in the United Kingdom and the best thing here is that even the summer winds will bring in cool air and make the temperature bearable. The maximum temperature that Ireland faces is a mere nineteen degree Celsius which is almost half of the maximum temperature level found in countries like Bangladesh, India, Sri-Lanka and Africa. Such temperature properties that are available in Ireland are surely a boon for them and it is clear that they respect their country so much. They work strenuously towards maintaining this pleasant temperature and weather conditions during all the seasons.

Weather stations in this area records only a normal range of sunshine with the help of Campbell-Stokes sunshine recorder and it is very unusual to have very bright and hot days here. A maximum of seven hours per day is average range of sunshine here throughout the summer season and a minimum of two hours in the winter. Snowflakes and Hail contribute to the precipitation in a much lower rate and the rainfall averages a value of seven hundred and fifty millimeters to a thousand millimeters generally. Regions with mountainous stretches of Ireland will see around two thousand millimeters of rainfall on the average a year.

Winds in Ireland have different opinion and they are influenced to differ in each region due to certain standard reasons. The low southerly wind at the Dublin Airport is due to the sheltering effect given by the mountains of the southern part of the region in discussion. Also an annual average wind velocity of about seven miles per hour is recorded per year in the south Leinster and an average of eighteen mile per hour in the northern most parts of Ireland. Storms may hit the region but have not been reported in recent times which are good enough for everyone. Thereby the climate of Ireland is quite friendly to everyone and the continued soothing effect will prevail only if we respect nature and her values.

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