Thursday, April 29, 2010

Distinctions Between High Efficiency And Mid Efficiency Gas Furnace

There are a number of different types of gas furnaces available today. If you are in the market for a new furnace, it may seem difficult selecting the appropriate furnace, but all it really takes is understanding the differences between two furnaces, the High Efficiency Gas Furnace and the Mid Efficiency also known as Standard, Gas Furnace.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is the measurement used by governments and furnace manufacturers to measure a furnace's heating efficiency. This measurement helps homeowners determine the best gas furnace for their home. For instance, a furnace that has an 80% AFUE rating means that it converts 80% of the fuel to supply the heat while the other 20% is lost out of the chimney. To help you decide which furnace is best for your home, below are the main distinctions between a High Efficiency and Mid Efficiency Gas Furnace.

High Efficiency Gas Furnace
The high efficiency furnace costs more than a mid efficiency furnace as it has a higher efficiency rating. This rating indicates that the boiler overall is much more energy efficient which means that a homeowner will save money during the cold months. The new energy efficient furnaces will have a rating of at least 90% or higher. The higher the rating, the more money you will save on your heating bill. Experts recommend a 90% furnace rating for most homes. Consult with your heating company for more detailed specifications.

In many states, 90% or greater efficiency will allow homeowners to qualify for a special energy rebate. Even if the temperatures rises and falls, the amount of money that you will save on the few cold days can still save a lot of money. If your ductwork is not properly maintained to prevent the impact of the cold, you could lose up to 35% of the heat which will increase your heating bill.

Mid Efficiency Gas Furnace
Many experts suggest that a high efficiency furnace is not required if you live in a region with a mild climate or if you will not be living in your home for more than 5 years as you will not be recouping the cost of a high efficiency furnace. Mid efficiency furnaces have a fuel utilization efficiency of about 80 - 85%. The Government now wants homeowners to have gas furnaces with a rating of at least 80%. If you live in a relatively mild climate where it really does not get that cold, the mid efficiency gas furnace may be the better choice because you will not be using that much energy.

Other than living in very mild climates, it is beneficial to get a high efficiency gas furnace. You will spend more for the purchase; however, over time you will see substantial savings as your energy bills will be greatly reduced. Before you purchase a furnace, it is essential that you compare the different types and brands of furnaces. When you compare furnaces you will learn about each type and their benefits that include the efficiency rating, as well as their size, installation directions, power, and other important features.

You should also figure out how much money you can afford to spend on a furnace and the cost of installation. Do not disregard the advantages of speaking with other homeowners who have purchased a furnace for their home. Talking to others will allow you get advice from people who have had experience using the furnace. Choosing the appropriate furnace such as from gas companies in Toronto will ensure that you get the best gas furnace for your home.

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