Thursday, February 26, 2009

Antique Maps

Antique mapsWhen the world began, it looked nothing like it does today. The continents shifted, icebergs have been formed and have melted, mountains have changed their shape, but ever since the dawn of man, we have traced our world with maps. For centuries, maps have led explorers on wondrous journeys, assisted armies in war times, and helped lost souls find their way. Because our world is ever changing, antique maps are a beautiful and valuable way to preserve our history. Just like almost every other kind of antique, maps are usually valued on two basic things: the age of the map, and its condition.

Moreover, serving as the historical and scientific attractions, antique maps are usually classified as works of fine, arty worth, it's can be world maps, US State maps, European maps, various continent maps, or other sections of the world. Some can come from the last century, while others may be as old as the 1500s or even earlier. Many ancient world maps are held in museums since they are so rare, but these can stem back to 500 BC!.

The reason people love antique maps can vary greatly. Some are just particularly fond of maps that represent where they live. Many collectors love to gather up different variations of their home state’s maps. Still others enjoy them because they like travel, and are fascinated with how territories were laid out in the past. Some just like them for their beauty and aesthetic appeal. It’s a matter of taste and choice, but everyone who enjoys antique maps knows they are getting a real piece of history to hang on their wall.
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11 comments: on "Antique Maps"

elzenz said...

It is Real Antique Maps :) Amazing

Vidi said...

I beleive that that antique maps is an embrio for high tech like GPRS. Amazing

Ibnu Mas'ud said...

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Rayza said...

kaya mapnya di film transformers yak.....

IFOEL said...

Review Peta apa nih.. lupa bawa kamus.. hehehe.. ntar balik lagi.. happy week end...

attayaya said...

mantap kaleeee
yang antik tuh lebih bagus

Erik said...

Wah menag antik petanya

ardi33 said...

antiiiik beneeeer.....^_^

oliviaimoet said...

silakan pasang link Blogq di t4 anda n saya jamin traffict blog anda juga ikut naik seiring dengan blog ku....Trust me

LIZZIE said...

Personally some antique maps have lots of information left out compared to the maps that we have now. However, for a collector, these maps are priceless. Imagine the hard work and sweat those people who tried to make these maps centuries ago. It is nice to appreciate such work. *^_~*

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