Tuesday, October 4, 2011

L.S. Lowry Paintings Estimated $26.2 million at Auction

14 Collections paintings by L.S. Lowry formed by the U.K. caterer and hotelier, the late Charles Forte, may sell for $26.2 million at auction in London on Nov. 16, 2011 by Christie's International.

"Piccadilly Circus, London," is the most highly valued work in the group, estimated at 4 million pounds to 6 million pounds. It dates from 1960 and has never been offered at auction before. The 1953 oil “Fun Fair at Daisy Nook” is priced at 1.5 million pounds to 2 million pounds.

Piccadilly Circus painting features ads for Coca Cola, Bovril, Max Factor, Gordon's Gin and Wrigleys on the famous hoardings overlooking the junction. Sources: Bloomberg
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