Thursday, May 26, 2011

Packard Patek Philippe Antiques Watch

Since the company's founding in 1839 Patek Philippe has always stood for quality, craftsmanship, precision and style. It is to no surprise that this great firm’s history is interwoven with the lives of Kings and Queens, Statesman, businessman, scientists, and famous artists. Patek Philippe’s clients have included Queen Victoria, King Umberto II, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Richard Wagner, Duke Ellington, Henry Graves Jr. and James Ward Packard.

James Ward Packard’s Patek Philippe collection was comprised of very different watches all unique in their complications and decoration. Masterpieces such as the large minute repeating watch with musical alarm, sold to Packard in 1927 for 8,300 Swiss Francs, and the Grand Complication, sold to Packard in April of the same year for 12,815 Francs, are just two highlights from one of the world’s most renowned watch enthusiasts.
Sources: Antiques News
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